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One World Award Gewinner 2021

Global Ecovillage Network

This award wasn´t directly awarded to Better World Cameroon, but to our member Sonita Mbah along with our friend and supporter Kosha Jaubert from the Global Ecovillage Network.

That's why we are very proud to share this achievement.

Sonita Mbah was part of Young Water Fellowship 2018 in which she developed the initiative Blue Springs Cameroon that provides clean water to rural communities.

Sonita created Blue Springs Cameroon, an NGO that aims to set up community-managed water kiosks that include catchment protection. Her YWF Pilot consisted in creating the first water kiosk channelling water from protected springs in Bafut, although it is on hold due to armed conflict in the region.

Better World Cameroon Technical Winner of the 2017 Gender Just Climate Solutions Award with the Africa Kitchen Revolution Project

This project was elected because it provides equal access to benefits for women, men and youth; aims to alleviate burden of women’s workload; empowers women through enhanced livelihoods security; promotes women’s participation by ensuring decision making by local groups; ensures self-sufficiency and a low input of resources; contributes to carbon emissions reduction; results can be shared, spread & scaled up.

The richness of this award is n the fact that it carries the 100 voices of local women in the communities of Bafut, in the North West Region of Cameroon. It is to Better World Cameroon for providing me with the necessary skills that led the success of this project.” per Sonita Mbah.
Our Awards

Award WAF 2015.

Humanitarian Water, Air, and Food Award

In 2015, Better World Cameroon received the WAF Award that reaffirms its support to the United Nations Global Compact and its Ten Principles in the areas of Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption.

In 2015, Bafut Ecovillage won the Gaia Trust Excellence Award as the most inspiring project roadmap to sustainable development on the African continent.

Bafut Ecovillage won the Gaia Trust Excellence Award as the most inspiring project of GENAfrica in 2015 for turning the tragedy Cameroon’s civil crisis into youth projects saving children from hunger and giving women a voice in land use.

This has been a collective effort by our team, recognizing the importance of African solidarity and the love of education that allows young people to regenerate the culture of peace. The strength of Bafut Ecovillage sources from the natural appreciation of the rich heritage of our own roots and traditional wisdom.