Training of Trainers Program - ToTs

Social Impact Careers Program

Providing high potential community change makers with inspiration for using indigenous wisdom and social innovation.

The trainings are designed to help young displaced people to feel supported and connected through capacity building and strengthening livelihoods.

Better World Camerron (BWC) has mapped the landscape of African leadership initiatives across the continent in Global Ecovillage Network GEN member countries and weaving partners to assist our team create spaces and opportunities on the African Way Platform where young people can identify synergies and engage, resulting in the conceptualisation and execution of collective agendas and activities that can help drive the Sustainable Developmental agenda forward.

The objective of the ToTs program is to build an online community of practice consisting of the visionaries of participating organisations where collaboration can be explored, and experiences and best practices are documented and shared so that learning across and between programmes is enhanced with those learnings. This in turn can inform further ToT programme design for enhanced effectiveness and strengthening of the response and interventions with respect to youth leadership initiatives across continents.

The ToTs Program aim to build strategic leadership projects between the global south & the global north by developing exceptional ToTs leaders (Change Makers) representing all spheres of regenerative education and regenerative agriculture. BWC is dedicated to identifying, nurturing and equipping Africa’s future youth leaders with experiences, insights, and tools so that African-led solutions are developed to address Africa’s challenges.

BWC's partnership with African Way provides a platform for a diverse network of young leaders emerging from the African Permaculture and Ecovillages Network to engage in peer-to-peer learning, accountability and cross-border collaborations. Working with a select group of partners, leading academics and accomplished community leaders.

Trough ToTs BWC facilitates opportunities for young leaders to create a new technologies and networks and marketing communications solutions adapted to the new global community.