Better World Cameroon Regenerative Education Program was developed in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goal "Quality Education" - SDG 4 of the UN

Hybrid education and learning ecosystem developed to complement formal education, the organization and governance of informal education based on the Spirit of Ndanifor hands-on learning by doing concept; building equitable and inclusive educational ecosystems.

We explore the place of hands-on education, volunteering, internships and apprenticeships in wider society for strengthening common ethics and values in education for future generations.

The main objective of this program is to create a hybrid education and learning ecosystem for sustainable development, that is equitable and inclusive, which fosters the co-construction of knowledge and of pedagogical communities through trust-based relationships between the Global South and the Global North, with emphasis on the relationships established through the youth and women, based on the Spirit of Ndanifor’s learning-by-doing concept.

In addition, we also aim to:

  • To develop the program through three different modalities - online, on-site and hybrid - in order to reach different target groups on regenerative approaches;
  • To create short and long courses within those modalities, that will differ among them in terms of duration, complexity of the ideas presented and price;
  • To design special courses for vulnerable populations (ex: refugees, Roma community, youth living in remote rural areas, …) in order to empower them to positively impact food security and sovereignty, hygiene and health in their communities;
  • To formulate and formalize partnership agreements with national and international Universities that will allow scientific investigation and testing in the fields of Regenerative Systems, Ecovillages, African Indigenous Practices and Agroecological Practices, and to incorporate our program in the Academic Curriculum.

Sustainability Education Program based on Ndanifor Concept

Better World Cameroon researches into new curriculums content and methods of teaching and learning based on Ndanifor Concept that fosters knowledge co‐construction and pedagogical communities giving back education to the learner; rebuilding trust relationships between youth of the south and the north. In this education program, Better World Cameroon focuses on mainstreaming gender, social equity and resilience.
Through International Summer Work Camp and Bioregional Ecovillage Design Education EDE, Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage developed traditional skills and soft skills for critical thinking, system’s thinking based on empathy for the future of literacy. The Spirit of Ndanifor, uses Permaculture principles and African wisdom to design new learning tools for how to learn, relearn, unlearn and learning to transform and become.