International Projects

International Projects

Abril 1, 2022

Why we should value food

Konkankoh answers Laureline Simon’s question about what it means to be conscious with food. This dialogue is part of a storytelling project in partnership with Climate Illustrated, for the Conscious Food Systems Alliance convened by the United Nations Development Programme.
Setembro 10, 2021

Workshop “Community from the African perspective & Natural building materials: sun-dried bricks”

On September 4, 2021, the Better World Cameroon team was invited to facilitate a brick making workshop and to share about community living the African Way at re:build event in Portugal
Fevereiro 21, 2021

Standing & Thriving Together for Systems Change

Defend the Sacred Alliance DSA, after the burning down of the Bafut Permaculture Heritage Site in Cameroon, is having exploratory discussions with the Better World Team in Portugal on a possible call to action and world view on the Ambazonian liberation struggle as part of the system change reflections in the world.
Fevereiro 17, 2020

Cameroon Symposium in Portugal

Better World Cameroon in collaboration with Tamera Healing Biotope Portugal and OHANA is pleased to announce its upcoming Cameroon Symposium coming up from the 3rd to the 5th of April 2020.
Fevereiro 12, 2020

Sustainable Technology: Better World Cameroon and Tamera talk strategies for bringing appropriate technologies to communities

Better World and Tamera look forward to working together to improve the stove even further to possibly function with bio-gas in addition to wood, making it even more sustainable and useful for communities.
Janeiro 31, 2020

New Beginnings… Expanding our borders

Better World Cameroon has continuously sought ways to connect with the wider community through partnerships and networks. We continue to be very present on platforms in the likes of the UN Agenda 2030 implementation and the Sustainable Partnerships for Sustainable Solutions.
Maio 9, 2018

BWC in Germany to Discuss Sustainable Volunteerism in Permaculture Projects

Better World Cameroon is presently in Germany meeting with other organizations from Africa and Germany whose work is focused on volunteerism and permaculture.
Novembro 26, 2016

American Student writes about social Entrepreneurship in Cameroon

Aaron Danowski is an undergraduate business student at Gonzaga University in the Northwest of the United States. He is spending 4 months in Cameroon studying abroad through a program called SIT Cameroon: Development and Social Pluralism
Dezembro 1, 2013

Presentation of Bafut Ecovillage Project Design in Sieben Linden

In 2013, Konkankoh was invited to go to Sieben Linden, Germany, and participate in an EDE course. In a month-long process, together with other experts, he developed the vision of the “Bafut Project”.