Maio 1, 2017

Meline – BWC Volunteer from Germany

I wish that it will be possible to have a Better World Community established at the Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage and which is closely connected to the neighborhood in order to spread the idealism and the spirit from its source
Abril 29, 2017

Manuel Wonderbus – BWC Volunteer from Germany

I joined Better World Cameroon (BWC) with the idea of a locally rooted social organization that follows a holistic approach to work towards sustainable change
Abril 29, 2017

Ruth – BWC Volunteer from Austria

Besides doing my research and contributing to the permaculture-farm, it is a habit that volunteers are seen as full members of the Better World Cameroon team
Abril 28, 2017

Manuel Asbach – BWC Volunteer from Germany

As an open minded person I decided to spend a year volunteering at Better World Cameroon because I need to make new experiences.
Abril 5, 2017

Gilda Hosang – BWC Volunteer from Germany

I can hardly explain how grateful I am to be here and being able to live this experience is simply breath taking. I’m feeling more than blessed about it. I really enjoy this culture so much. I’ve never seen such an opening, friendly and caring society.
Dezembro 9, 2016

Cameroon EDE16 lauched Ndanifor Art & Craft

Cameroon EDE16 lauched Ndanifor Art & Craft as a crowdfunding platform supporting Bafut Ecovision2020 community project
Dezembro 8, 2016

GEN Africa Conference 2016

The GEN Africa 2016 conference was attended by 20 active GEN Africa leaders and advisors, including members of Better World Cameroon
Novembro 26, 2016

American Student writes about social Entrepreneurship in Cameroon

Aaron Danowski is an undergraduate business student at Gonzaga University in the Northwest of the United States. He is spending 4 months in Cameroon studying abroad through a program called SIT Cameroon: Development and Social Pluralism
Outubro 9, 2016

Faith Based retreat- Indigenous Wisdom and Knowledge in the Healing of Humanity, with Love from Nature

The Augustinian Catholic Priest and Spiritual leader Padre Harold M. Toledano led 7 young priests in training for a sacred retreat in the Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage, from the 24th to the 29th of July 2016.
Junho 1, 2016

Tandi Timia – BWC Volunteer from Cameroon

I found out about Better World Cameroon through the National Employment Fund. With the skills I have and am acquiring, I intend to create my own NGO and be an instrument of change for Cameroon, Africa and the world at large.
Maio 27, 2016

Jérôme Cardinal – BWC Volunteer from France

The BWC philosophy about education was one of the reasons that attracted me and one of the main reasons why I applied for an internship here
Fevereiro 16, 2016

Suh Honorine – BWC Volunteer from Cameroon

BWC is a great opportunity for me learn more sustainable ways of handling these issues especially in the domain of sustainable agricultural techniques
Outubro 22, 2015

Leona Franke – BWC Volunteer from Germany

It was a very precious experience for me. I was able to get to know the ecovillage, I got an insight in the cultural life of the Cameroonians – with much singing and dancing – and I had the possibility to look into the work of Better World Cameroon out of a perspective – the one of the outsider – I’ll probably never see it again.
Outubro 22, 2015

Fru Emeldine Bih – BWC Volunteer from Cameroon

Volunteering with BWC will pave a way for me to receive training and gain experience in accounting, Administration and Project Management. This will also help me to know how NGOs operate, function and are managed.
Outubro 19, 2015

Simon Haage – BWC Volunteer from Germany

BWC to me is an organization with great, idealistic, goals to create a better future. Also, I discovered Cameroon as a great country, with very open and friendly people.