BWC Volunteers

Março 30, 2020

Interview with Crystel Koh

Last March 27th 2020, we conducted an online interview with Crystel Koh. She was selected to participate in this year’s Camp 2030, the UN’s global youth-led innovation lab on the Sustainable Development Goals 2030, nonetheless she is struggling with the financial demands for her participation.
Março 11, 2020

Community of Relíquias – Portugal welcomes the BWC Team

The Better World Cameroon Team was warmly welcomed by the community of Relíquias, a small town in Southern Portugal, where they are currently living.
Março 11, 2020

Let’s take Crystel to Camp 2030

We are running this campaign to help Koh Crystel, our 26-year old volunteer, getting the economic means to participate in the UN-organized Camp 2030 – the world’s youth-led Global Innovation Lab for the SDGs Camp 2030
Fevereiro 17, 2020

Cameroon Symposium in Portugal

Better World Cameroon in collaboration with Tamera Healing Biotope Portugal and OHANA is pleased to announce its upcoming Cameroon Symposium coming up from the 3rd to the 5th of April 2020.
Fevereiro 12, 2020

Sustainable Technology: Better World Cameroon and Tamera talk strategies for bringing appropriate technologies to communities

Better World and Tamera look forward to working together to improve the stove even further to possibly function with bio-gas in addition to wood, making it even more sustainable and useful for communities.
Janeiro 31, 2020

New Beginnings… Expanding our borders

Better World Cameroon has continuously sought ways to connect with the wider community through partnerships and networks. We continue to be very present on platforms in the likes of the UN Agenda 2030 implementation and the Sustainable Partnerships for Sustainable Solutions.
Abril 9, 2019

Prevailing with our Rocket Stoves

Through our rocket stove project, we believe that women can take charge of changing their cooking spaces, to best suit their needs by learning as women groups
Maio 29, 2018

Anye-Soh – BWC Volunteer from Cameroon

The vision, activities and projects of BWC meets my professional and career ambitions. I believe my passions and career fulfillments can be truly nourished through the interactions and commitments I am willing to take as a volunteer at BWC
Maio 9, 2018

BWC in Germany to Discuss Sustainable Volunteerism in Permaculture Projects

Better World Cameroon is presently in Germany meeting with other organizations from Africa and Germany whose work is focused on volunteerism and permaculture.
Dezembro 18, 2017

GEN Africa Conference 2017

The GEN Africa 2017 conference was attended by 25 active GEN Africa leaders and advisors, including members of Better World Cameroon
Julho 12, 2017

French Ambassador in Cameroon visits Bafut Ecovillage

The French Ambassador in Cameroon his Excellency Gilles Thibault was presented with the objectives of the Bafut Ecovillage Project and how the project ties to Paris Climate Agreement.
Junho 28, 2017

Market Stand Outreach Project

The goal of the market stand outreach project is to construct a stand in the Bafut market which Better World Cameroon will use as a platform to create more visibility
Maio 1, 2017

Meline – BWC Volunteer from Germany

I wish that it will be possible to have a Better World Community established at the Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage and which is closely connected to the neighborhood in order to spread the idealism and the spirit from its source
Abril 29, 2017

Manuel Wonderbus – BWC Volunteer from Germany

I joined Better World Cameroon (BWC) with the idea of a locally rooted social organization that follows a holistic approach to work towards sustainable change
Abril 29, 2017

Ruth – BWC Volunteer from Austria

Besides doing my research and contributing to the permaculture-farm, it is a habit that volunteers are seen as full members of the Better World Cameroon team
Outubro 22, 2015

Leona Franke – BWC Volunteer from Germany

It was a very precious experience for me. I was able to get to know the ecovillage, I got an insight in the cultural life of the Cameroonians – with much singing and dancing – and I had the possibility to look into the work of Better World Cameroon out of a perspective – the one of the outsider – I’ll probably never see it again.
Outubro 22, 2015

Fru Emeldine Bih – BWC Volunteer from Cameroon

Volunteering with BWC will pave a way for me to receive training and gain experience in accounting, Administration and Project Management. This will also help me to know how NGOs operate, function and are managed.
Outubro 19, 2015

Simon Haage – BWC Volunteer from Germany

BWC to me is an organization with great, idealistic, goals to create a better future. Also, I discovered Cameroon as a great country, with very open and friendly people.
Janeiro 19, 2015

Luke White – BWC Volunteer from England

Visiting Cameroon to say hello to old friends I have been lucky enough to see the day to day workings of Better World. I encourage anyone considering a visit to go for it.
Novembro 12, 2014

Marieke Woensdregt – BWC Volunteer from Netherlands

Coming to Cameroon to volunteer with BWC for me constitutes a way of finally putting this passion into practice and to see for myself what is possible and what is needed to achieve that.
Março 12, 2014

Clive Michael Justice – BWC Volunteer from Canada

It is satisfying and rewarding to be here volunteering, providing assistance, direction, suggestions and labour in creating a Better World
Março 2, 2014

Tiffany Fourment – BWC Volunteer from USA

My ability to really dig in deep with Better World was somewhat limited by time. One month was the most I could take from my job in the U.S., working in environmental education for local schools. In the end, I feel that some time is better than no time.
Dezembro 15, 2013

Isabella Bonetti – BWC Volunteer from Italy

I discovered Better World Cameroon some months ago because I was looking for a local based NGO to realize a survey about "Permaculture and food security in Africa"
Setembro 30, 2012

Hye Mi Ahn – BWC Volunteer from USA

My time at BWC and Cameroon in general has had its challenges and rewards. I am leaving Cameroon on a good note and hope to maintain the connection with BWC.